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What is a makerspace??

The Indy Forge is a blacksmith's MAKERSPACE or Co-operative where people who have the interest and desire of learning the Old World Craft of forging metal, but lack the space, equipment and knowledge, can come and forge their ideas into reality.

3,000 Square Foot - Fully Equiped Facility

The Indy Forge is a space, which promotes learning through a real community of like-minded individuals with the widest array of equipment at your fingertips. (Forges, Anvils, Presses, Hammers, Welders, and anything else you would ever need to craft a knife or tool

THE Only one like it

The Indy Forge is a division of Indy Hammered Knives, which has been providing world class, hand crafted knives and products to people all over the world as well as teaching the craft through the Knife Academe to folks all over the country.

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The Indy Forge

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